Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What now?

So the last time when a country was embroiled in genocide (Rwanda 1993; 8,00,000+ people massacred), all the power house countries were engrossed in the most ridiculous of all debates (on how exactly do you define "Genocide"), trying to evade their duty of stopping something so sinister. And now, when another country (Syria) is in something not even remotely close, one of those very dumb set of bullies (Britain) is actively trying to solicit the support of UN to intervene. What did you find there now, oh Queen?

 And how do we even know the credibility of your accusations? Chemical Weapons? The last time a country was invaded on charges as evil as possession of WMD, it turned out the allegations were concocted to stir up an ordeal of turmoil in the piteous nation (Iraq).
Source: Google search + some editing in Picasa
Where else will they find their "National Interest" ?


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