Saturday, January 24, 2015

Frustration Vent

It has been 7 months into my job. A wonderful wonderful company. I have everything that a person could ask for. And yet, here I am, feeling like I don't.

From the past few weeks, I've been facing severe bouts of crankiness. I tend to get really really aggressive, and in a Robing Hood sort of way. I see people misbehaving, littering, taking other people for granted and I feel like smashing their heads into pulp. I get angry, for no apparent reason and yet, for the state of every single thing around me. These are the times I really wish nobody came around me for their own sake. I feel like roaring onto the crowd to fire up every single mediocre ass into what he should be doing instead of benchwarming.

After some introspection, a few things seem to surface on the behemoth of this chaos. I feel that each one will probably take a post of it's own. I plan on venting them out, before I go nuts. Till then, I'll try finding a way to cool down. Deep breathe.