Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Song of Fire and Water

The fire, wild and untameable,
once ignited, difficult to control it was,
forgetful of the boundaries once on its own.
Try and reach out to the sky it would,
regardless of the strength in its belly
crack and burn everything in its way
discriminating not between verdure, animality.

Humble, modest not apt with it
Aggressive, bold, violent and unforgiving, yes they fit.
Resilience, not stability, its chief strength
this moment ember, conflagration the next.
Leave the nature scarred after it left,
selfish, not anamnesis its characteristic.

Water, ever so docile, yet assertive
controlled it could, but dominated never.
Spirited, measured, forever judicious
flow to the sea, is all that it is desirous.
Never to go beyond its means,
yet, in a way, means to all within.

Unpretentious, to the extreme,
yet too formidable to not to reckon.
Slow and steady in its expedition,
if not by land, then by air,
but go to the sea it would.
Cuts through mountains,
smashes rocks around,
only because it is waiting to be found.

Two daunting forces they are,
necessary for life to exist, propagate,
but are not meant to be together, they
alas, at the same place.

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