Wednesday, June 29, 2011


What I personally called, the 'rPhone'
       On 24th June, 2011, at the Kovalam Beach, while clicking the sunrise, the phone was lost to the sea because of sheer imbalance. The phone crashed on the rock, the battery came off and the main piece drifted off into the sea, only never to be found again.
       I stared at the spot where it seemed to have fallen, almost petrified, and the next moment I was frantically digging all around. No sign of the phone. Shit Happens. The next day I went there again and looked around, but seems my luck had run out it's course.
      It took me an hour to realize that something so unfortunate had occurred. The void that I felt for the next few days was profound. That night when I went to bed, I fumbled around for my phone in the dark, only to find it missing. Old habits. No phone, no alarm. duh.
      No ringtones, no messages or email alerts, no music, no camera. Life just felt so disoriented. The charger is still plugged in, the USB adapter cable still lies on my table. Pockets started feeling empty, waiting time at bus stops and stores all of a sudden became weird. The saviour to all awkward moments was gone..
      Now I am over the loss, but thou shalt be always remembered, as my first camera phone!

1 comment:

  1. tell me about it ! Life feels so weird !
    feels like you've lost your best friend ....
    but then this is the time you slowly realize that you posses 'many' other less sophisticated,long forgotten,yet equally useful things that shall fill that void for the 'one' loss!
    Its time you got them out ! =)