Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pallavaram, 13th August

Evening 5 o'clock, after the tiring waterpolo practice session in the morning.

Pretty awesome climb, always had to keep in my 1-1 to 1-3 gear combination. There's a broken temple up here along with some telecommunication tower, and a bunch of angry pigs. But a fun climb, better come here only on a good geared bike. No hawk, mach or the normal types.  And the hill is not to be under estimated.

And as usual, the best part of the climb always arrives after a good tiring climb, the downhill ride! Usual because some time back on the Nagala trip, we had a similar ride down the hill, on parts of the river bed and the wet muddy village roads. While going up, my speeds had been limited to a little over 6kmph, but I clocked speeds of upto 64 kmph on the way back! Once I almost lost control, resulting in an almost a 30 feet slide, but once again, my bike proved it's worth. And then i almost bumped into a few hill folk, but managed to sneak away before they could scream, "Are you crazy??". And the rest of the ride was just a boring high speed escapade, stunning a few pillion riders every now and then.
It's a good sunday morning ride, except for the fact that you'll have to endure some really nasty stench on the way up.

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  1. hey rudra , hriday here
    i want to buy a hybrid bicycle bt am confused to opt for the best one within a reasonable price of 10k. so do u hv any suggestions for it.. nd also want ur phone no. so that cn cntc u directly.